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Lasting Wealth Financial Plan

Blue Sky Financial Planning developed a proprietary planning process which is centered around our definition of “Wealth” . We define Wealth as the ability to sustain your desired lifestyle through all phases of your life – thus the name,”Lasting Wealth”.

It is not just about the money, although this is an integral component. It is about life and all the twists and turns that come with it. Most importantly, it is about your life, your story, and how you want the rest of your story to unfold.

We use the Certified Financial Planner protocol to engage clients, collect data, define objectives, design, implement and monitor the financial plan. Once we are sure we understand your situation, your Lasting Wealth financial plan is drafted for your review. The plan will have the following components;

• Net Worth Summary: All that you own minus what you owe measured once a year.

• Investment Summary:  Individual investment summaries plus a consolidated report measured once a year.

• Milestones: Birth dates, anniversaries and special lifetime events to put the continuum of your life in perspective.

• Future Income Projection: This graph shows where the lifetime income will come from and highlight any deficiencies which need to be addressed.

• Plan “B”: An inventory of all the insurance policies you own.

• Legacy Now!: A record of your Will, Power of Attorney and Medical Directive reviewed once a year . We encourage and facilitate communicating the intent of these documents to Executors and beneficiaries.

• Insurance Analysis: How much? What kind? What will it provide for the survivors to fulfill the Lasting Wealth objectives?

• Bucket List: Documenting what is on your list – travel, personal goals, special events – cross them off as you complete them and tracking the new ones.

• Thinking ahead and looking back: Imagine your future 3 years from now and identify what has to happen between now and then for you to feel that you have been successful.

• Way to Go/Ways to Go: We give you credit for all that you have accomplished and help you identify what is left to be done.

We have designed this document to be simple, short, yet comprehensive and colorful to give you the best overview of your financial plan. More importantly, the discussions about each of these components flesh out what is most important to you and protects you from being distracted from your objectives.

Finally, this plan along with all the other important financial documents are organized in a Personal Financial Organizer binder for easy reference between meetings.


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